All you Need to Know about Strip Clubs

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Not all can become strippers. It is clear that the main factor in hiring is external data. Such boys are usually tall and undoubtedly attractive. But the main thing is weight and size. In the club I studied, there are boys working with clothes no larger than 44. That is, not a single gram of excess weight. Therefore, boys are constantly on diets, which is very exhausting. No matter how pretty Demi Moore was in the film “Striptease”, she would most likely be considered too fat to strip.

Importance of the Perfect Body

male strippers

With such a build, breast size is usually 2-3. But there is the 4th and even the 5th. But this is either a nugget, or a banal breast augmentation, which, oddly enough, is not very common among strippers.

Here, boys from 18 to 30 years are taken in. Most of them are not even 25. And the average length of a stripper is only a few months, maximum a year. 2. Why is that? Very often the boys here find their soul mate and just leave this profession.

In a non-themed club, the boys are usually Slavic, Russian and Ukrainian (with a work permit, of course). There are no problems for employment also for citizens in the middle east. Oriental boys are very rare, since they are amateurs.

According to American films, we mainly imagine a typical strip Club, when men sit in a bar, in the middle a scene with a pole and boys can only be seen on it. In reality, while one (two) boys are on the scene, the other boys are in the hall with customers, creating an atmosphere of relaxation. Usually this is an easy flirt, and you are unlikely to discuss Kant’s philosophy. Moreover, the loud music is not very conducive to talking.

Vitamin M

San Diego male strippers earn good money. In Eurasia, it is an average of 70-100 thousand for a part-time working week. The employer often pays a beautician, provides housing, and so on. And to this you can add bonuses from customers, which include drinking, monetary “gratitude” and so on. In general, with monetary gratitude, there is a big trick. There is such a thing as “consumer”. This is when a girl persistently encourages a client to spend money in a bar—on himself and on the girl herself. Since then, she has a certain percentage. In this case, this is no longer a rest, but some kind of sucking money, which is not very pleasant. Try to choose clubs where this practice is prohibited. “Burlesque” refers to just that.

Other Practices

In addition to the bar, the girl can suck out the client’s money and as a “thank you” for communication, company, and so on. Again, there are clubs where boys are not paid salaries, they earn only directly from customers. This is a very pernicious practice, since every visitor immediately becomes an object of persecution. The obsession of boys in this case is annoying.