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We are all very familiar with heterosexual sex scenes, in films for the general public. Less, in the films for the general public, are the scenes of homosexual love between two men. And yet they exist.

But if we want to find sex scenes between two women, excluding some films of the last few years we must resort to erotic films, not to mention porn. You need the lesbian escort service as the best way out.

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And it must be said that porn movies, while representing an unquestionable enrichment for the solo activity of many of us, move more in the field of fantasy than reality. There are women who reach orgasm after a couple of minutes, anal relationships that take place without the minimum preliminary (and which inevitably lead to an equally rapid orgasm), measurable organs of measures.

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It may happen then that the woman who wants to approach another woman sexually finds herself a little short of suggestions, that’s why we decided to investigate the decidedly elusive homosexual sex among women, to understand how it happens and why it can be wonderful.

How to define sex?

You will agree with us that it is not easy to understand what falls within the definition of sex, understood as an activity: it cannot, above all, refer exclusively to penile-vaginal penetration, since anal sex unquestionably also exists (as well as that of homosexual, in fact), and cannot even limit itself to the concept of penetration, since there is oral sex in which, when man is the one who practices it on women, there can absolutely be no penetration. And what about female masturbation, where is there penetration? Is it about ‘sex’?

The perception, therefore, of what sex is and what is not varies from person to person, from culture to culture and from age to age. At one time, for example, we could have defined as sex any activity that resulted in conception but after the invention of contraceptives (and the recognition of homosexual love), this definition is no longer accurate.We will therefore define ‘sex’ as any physical activity that leads to erotic fulfillment and can result (but not necessarily) in one or more orgasms.